Great way to get more connections on Linkedin

Hi All,

Just a quick rant about LinkedIn

Just got the following email (names blurred for privacy reasons)


As you can see, the only option given to me here is to confirm this person who I never heard of.

There is some proud product owner behind this scheme who was probably tasked with increasing confirmations…

I was never a big fan of LinkedIn but this is really not helpful.

IsAlpha() in VB.Net

I just love VB.Net, so easy to get stuff done quickly.

I especially enjoy string processing, I hope you do too.

Today, I needed a little function to check if a string is an alpha character and found this quick hidden gem of a method.

Dim s as string=”g”


That’s it, nice and easy, enjoy.

My Choice for NOSQL – MongoDB

Acting as CTO for several websites, I recently had to adapt a NOSQL database to store quite a bit of complex data. After testing a few options, I finally settled on MongoDB. If any of you are tasked with selecting a NOSQL database either in a windows or Linux environment, go with MongoDB, you will not regret it.

Some of the features we enjoy are

  • Crazy reliability and uptime
  • Blazing performance
  • Cross platform (we run a mix of windows and linux servers)